Phoenix Drum Corps

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About Us

Phoenix is an American style marching band that gives young people the opportunity to travel and compete at a national and international level. We offer tuition in a variety of instruments including drums brass and tuned percussion, no matter  the member/potential member’s ability level. No matter what ability or disability you may have there is always a place and a part for you in phoenix drum corps.

We also open up our doors to special needs children and help them learn and have fun through music. We hope to help them develop just as we do with everyone that comes through the door.

Interested in joining?

If you are interested in joining and don’t know what to play please have a look at our sections page a have a look at what we provide and if we do not currently provide what you are looking for please contact us. Its our goal to be able to accommodate everyone.


Incredible first night

February 17, 2016

Incredible first night Great to get some brand new members and wonderful to see some old friends too! Here to a great future………..Phoenix has risen


Opening Night

February 12, 2016

OPEN NIGHT Wednesday 17th February at The Parker e-act Academy!!! ALL WELCOME An exciting new music/dance group now open in Daventry! Brass/dance/drum lessons becoming too expensive or just looking for a new challenge then Phoenix Drum Corps is for you! Great Social experience, exercise and a chance to compete and travel. Open to ages 8 years to adult from complete beginner to experienced performer with instructors each having over 20years experience.