Band Sections


In this section we currently offer tuition for snare, bass and tenor drums. These are the main drums used in current marching bands. This section is the tempo keepers of the whole band, but more importantly play in time with each other.

Playing in a drum line isn’t easy but when you do and you hit it perfectly it feels amazing, and after the first time you only want more. Marching in the line not only improved your timing but can also dramatically increase your skills on a drum kit if you already play, although we do not currently teach the kit we do eventually plan to.

The Pit

In this section we currently offer keyboard bass guitar marimba xylophone and vibraphone. We do intend to expand this section as we get going. This section is the section that does not march and is at the front of the field, although being a non marching section does not mean its any less demanding.

This section is a support section with sometimes carries the main tune, and has more textures then any other section. There is so much going on in the section that when all the players come together and play it to the best of there abilities it sounds astonishing.


In this section we teach a variety of brass instruments and are looking to involve some woodwind at some point also. Marching with a brass instrument is difficult as you have to think about breathing more because you are marching on the field as well. This over time slightly increases the lung capacity of the player.

This section carries the main tune with several parts, each part by itself played by each player adds to the overall picture of the tune being played. The power in this section is outstanding especially in the big parts of the music. When every member in this section hits the note for a strong finish it has an awesome effect on the players and the audience.

Colour Guard

This is a section based on dance which help bring our shows to life. We teach this section how to use a variety of props including flags, sabers, and rifles. Don’t worry the sabers and rifles aren’t real they’re plastic. This is a very physical and visual section with drama aspects.

Members in this section will experience what it is like to perform on a stage and sell a story to the audience through expressive dance and the emotions they show. This is an beautiful section to look at and there is nothing like seeing a colourguard section in perfect synchronisation.